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What do I use?

This is where you can find my most used choice of pencil. From Derwent's' newest Lightfast Range -my personal favourites to the Erasers I use....

(you can click on any of the images below to take you straight to the Derwent online shop where you can find the full range of their products including paints, paper, pastels to name just a few).

Derwent Products

Choosing the right Pencil for the job

tinned pencils.jpg

The Derwent Graphic Range is the only graphite pencil I have used for over 20 years now! Which I think is testament to their consistency in quality and performance. All of my Graphite drawings have been drawn with these superb pencils.

CBT31816_Derwent_Website_LF_72 Tin_500x5

The LightFast Range is the latest range to be released by Derwent and right up there on my list of personal favourites


This is my most used colour pencil for my drawings. With a colour range of 126 different colours, their waxy but firm texture is the perfect match for detail and layering.


As the name suggests - these pencils are soft. They blend extremely well and work brilliantly when drawing over embossed lines. Another firm favourite of mine.


Embossing Tools. When I discovered these it absolutely changed the way I drew fur and whiskers! I simply cannot live without these

2305806 2305807 2305808 2305809 2305812

I generally use an eraser as an addition to my pencils instead of looking at it as something to remove mistakes. An eraser can be almost as effective at line making as a pencil.

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