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Doing it with Derwent

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Many of you that have followed me over the years will know that I have always used Derwent Pencils to create my drawings. Waaaay, way back in the early days I started out just drawing black and white (graphite) drawings before I plucked up the courage in 2008 to make the transition to drawing in colour.

It was a nervous experience but oh my did it open my eyes to a whole new world!

When I started looking into which coloured pencils and paper I needed, I found a whole host of drawing aids, embossing tools, blenders and burnishers.... I didn't even know most of these things existed!

I did know that the Graphite pencils I'd always used were made by Derwent and I loved the consistent quality of them so it made sense to me to try out their other ranges.

I didn't know much about coloured pencils back then but I knew that one of the most important things for me was to have a pencil that blended and also layered well. Not all pencils do!

Luckily, Derwent did not disappoint! I'd bought myself a set of their "Artists" range and they were everything I hoped they would be, smooth enough to blend but not so soft so I had to keep sharpening them, they layered on top of each other without leaving nasty clumps of colour.... I was very happy with my new set of pencils (- all 72 of them) and that is where my life in colour began... December 2008!

Fast forward 13 short years and I have a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II hanging in the Derwent Museum, drawn to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee back in 2012 and just this year I am so proud I can say I am officially an ambassador for Derwent! Amazing!

As they continue to produce new innovative ranges here in the UK, leaving you spoilt for choice, I will continue to bring you updates here on new products, show you how I'm using them in my work and answer any questions you might have.

By clicking on this image below it will take you straight to the Derwent shop where you can take a look at all the different products they provide from pencils to pens, paints, accessories and gifts and a huge archive of tips, blogs and tutorials from some very talented artists....

**Disclaimer - This page contains affiliate links which means I may earn a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you make a purchase using my link.

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