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Artist Bio

I am a contemporary artist from the South West of England, I love to draw animals and people and try to capture their life and soul or rather their personality and character within their expressions.

My drawings are all created with Derwent pencils of which I'm proud to say I am now an ambassador of and have the privilege of working more closely with the Derwent Brand.

In recent years I have developed a keen interest in photography in order to start using my own photographs for reference. Most recently I have tried my hand at Pyrography which essentially is the free handed art of decorating wood or other materials with heat or burn marks. This art technique has been practiced by many cultures going way back through history including the Egyptians, many African Tribes and even in China during the time of the Han Dynasty where it was known as "Fire Needle Embroidery"

When not working on commissioned art - I like to draw wildlife and those animals less "domestic" such as my favourite big cats - tigers, lions and leopards.

I aim to add new artwork every few weeks.... so keep checking back and don't forget to bookmark this page!

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